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3 months ago @ 3:28PM

CHS Return to Athletic Activities Update!

We are pleased to announce that plans have been completed to reopen our campuses to TCAPS high school students and TCAPS based high school programs for a Return to Athletic Activity beginning June 15th, 2020.  A comprehensive TCAPS plan has been established based on the Governor’s existing active Executive Orders and MHSAA/NFHS guidelines. Coaches have received training specific to this plan.  

The following is a summary of key points within the plan:

  • All students must be registered in Final Forms.

  • All coaches & athletes that participate in workouts will be screened prior to participation.

  • Stations with gloves, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and face masks will be set up at each site, with proper social distancing markings.

  • Screening will involve a series of questions and a real time temperature check. 

  • Anyone that answers yes to one of the questions, or has a temperature exceeding 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit shall not participate in activities, will be sent home, should self-isolate, and contact their primary care provider or other health professional for clearance to return.  

  • Responses to screening questions will be recorded and stored in Final Forms so there is a record of everyone present in case a student/coach develops COVID-19. These records will be kept confidential.

  • Must maintain 6 feet distancing

  • Athletes must bring their own water bottles and must not share. We are not using our watering station or providing cups. Gallon containers are highly recommended.

  • No locker rooms will be used. Designated restrooms with sanitation stations will be available.

  • Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout.

  • Workouts will be conducted in “pods,” beginning with outdoor sessions in week 1 and no sport specific equipment.  

  • Week 2 will reintroduce indoor workouts in the same “pods” with individual and partner equipment.

  • No competitions; only workouts (week 1) and skills practices (week 2) are allowed.

Please keep in mind that we are taking this slow and steady in June so that we are not jeopardizing July and August for our fall athletes. Also, keep in mind that every school district is its own entity and everyone might not be on the exact same schedule.

Parents also reserve the right to hold their children out of these workouts if they feel that their son/daughter may be in harm's way.  This will absolutely not affect their status for any sport as opportunities at the beginning of the season will allow coaching staffs to evaluate their athletes for team selection.

Attached below are specifics with dates, times and locations of screening areas and practices for week 1.  We look forward to a safe and controlled return to activities next week. Please feel free to contact the athletic office with any questions.   

TC Central Athletics - 231.933.6575

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