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4 months ago @ 4:02PM

TCAPS Athletics FAQ 2020 Start Up


TCAPS Athletics FAQ 2020 Start Up 


With the 2020 school year about to begin, we have been fielding several questions regarding instructional model, extracurricular activities and eligibility.  Please see some frequently asked questions and answers below.   Any further questions can be directed to our Athletic Directors, whose contact information is at the bottom of this document.  

Q:  Is TCAPS going online or face to face for school this year? 

A: TCAPS’ current plan is to transition into in person instruction for this school year.  Instruction will be conducted remotely from September 8th through September 18th.  Students will return to school in person, on Monday, September 21st.  

Q:  Are students who enroll in UpNorth Virtual eligible for extracurricular activities like sports, music, theater ect.? 

A:  UpNorth Virtual students may be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities.  However, if that extracurricular activity requires participation in a class that is only conducted in person, the UpNorth Virtual student would have to participate in that class to participate in the activity.  An example of this is an advanced musical ensemble that takes place before or after school.  Participation in that activity requires students to be enrolled in the curricular ensemble that is taken as part of a student’s regular schedule, for which the student earns a grade and high school credit.

Q:  How does eligibility work for TCAPS student athletes who are enrolled in Up North Virtual? 

A:  MHSAA and local eligibility rules are the same for all students, regardless of what program they are enrolled in.

Q:  How does eligibility work for out of district students, who may live in surrounding areas, enrolled in Up North Virtual? 

A:  Students must receive credit at either TCC or TCW towards their diploma.  All MHSAA transfer rule regulations apply to students who are changing schools.  Contact your Athletic Director for specific situations.

Q:  Are practices going to happen during the nine day remote learning start to the school year? 

A:  Yes.  Practices will be scheduled to start with enough time for a student to complete his/her school schedule requirements and to allow for travel time to practice, which will be held on TCAPS campuses.  

Q: Is MHSAA High School and Middle School football canceled? 

A: The MHSAA has moved this sport to the spring of 2021 with schedule and timing to be determined at a later date.  TCAPS is also postponing all district-sponsored football competitive activities until the spring at all grade levels.  

Q:  When will we know if Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball will compete and have events this fall?  

A:  The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) is set to make a determination on August 20th. 

Q:  What precautions are in place during practice and competition?  (When do I have to wear a mask, do I have a choice?)

A:  All athletes will follow the same protocols that have been in place throughout the summer.  Adults should wear a mask at all times.  Athletes will be screened prior to entering.  Once screened, masks may be removed for participation. 

Q:  Are spectators allowed at events?

A:  At this time, no spectators will be allowed for contests that take place indoors.  Only coaches and athletes will be allowed in the area where the contest takes place.  All coaches and athletes will follow the same screening protocols that TCAPS has had in place all summer.  For outdoor athletic events, each team will be allowed a pass list of up to 100.  Athletes and coaches are included within that number.  Tickets will be required for spectators.  


Zac Stevenson - CHS Athletic Director - 

Jason Carmien - WSH Athletic Director -

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