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Trojan Athletes of the Week for February 21, 2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Ryan Miller from our Nordic Ski Team and  Rayna Miller from our Figure Skating Team!

Head Nordic Ski Coach, Ms. Ruth Oppliger, shared that Ryan recently qualified for the U18 Championships. He will compete in Gore Mountain, NY March 11 - 15. Good Luck Ryan!

Head Figure Skating Coach, Ms. Lauren Tondreau, shared that Rayna had a great season and performed on a higher level team when needed and was very reliable and positive at all competitions. She was a positive role model throughout the season. Congratulations Rayna on your amazing season! 

Trojan Athletes of the Week for February 14,2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Remy Cotton and Gabe Weaver from our Trojan Wrestling Team!


Head Wrestling Coach, Mr. Don Funk, shared this about Remy:

Remy was named a captain of the varsity wrestling team as a freshman has been a natural leader on and off the mat. Remy is coming off a runner up finish at the Northern Michigan Championships where he defeated the Division 4 #1 and #2 ranked wrestlers in state en route to the finals. Remy is currently ranked #9 in the state for Division 1 at 160 pounds. 


Coach Funk shared these words about Gabe:

Junior Gabe Weaver has continued a great season as both a wrestler and team leader! Gabe is the engine of the team that sets a positive pace and mindset amongst his teammates! Gabe has multiple wins over state ranked opponents this season and continues climb rankings and gain state-wide recognition!


Congratulations Gabe and Remy for superbly representing Trojan Athletics! 

Trojan Athletes of the Week for February 7,2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Jordan Burnham, Siiri Asiala and Carina Stewart... all from our Trojan Girls Basketball team!
Head Coach, Mr. Greg Farmer, had this to share about Jordan:
Jordan Burnham is the girls basketball team leader. She is a great communicator both on the floor and off. She also is one of the hardest working players on the team. Jordan always brings her best effort in every situation, and gives us an energy boost when she is on the floor. She also is like a coach on the floor and in huddles.  Off the floor, her teammates and coaches respect her opinions and she is constantly trying to think of ways to make the team more successful.  
Coach Farmer shared this about Siiri: 
Siiri Asiala is a young lady who always plays with a lot of heart. She leaves everything on the court, and gives 100% effort every minute. Her effort starts in every practice, and continues in games. We often make her guard the toughest forward on the opposing team, her ability to defend in the key, and out on the perimeter make her a very valuable player for the team. She is also a great teammate, all the players respect and like her. Coaches believe in her and love the way she plays, she is a great asset to the program.
Coach Farmer had these words to share about Carina:
Carina Stewart has had an amazing year on the basketball court. She is the one player we have a hard time replacing on the floor. She has consistently lead our team in scoring and steals. She plays with a little bit of reckless abandon, and competes with any other player out there. Carina is also our emotional leader. She has learned to take her emotions and turn them into positive reinforcement for others! More importantly, Carina has matured into a great leader for our team. She is great with helping players with their assignments on the court.
Congratulations Carina, Siiri & Jordan on this special recognition from your coach!

Trojan Athletes of the Week for January 31, 2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Gus Dutmers & Lilly Kuberski from our Trojan Downhill Ski Team!


Head Coach, Ms. Amy Kudary, shared this about Gus:

Gus is an incredible athlete who has already had numerous top ten finishes in our Big North Conference. He is a great leader of this team both on and off the snow. 


Coach Kudary had these words to share about Lilly:

Lilly is really the “rock” of my girls team. We have so many incredible athletes on this team , but at the end of the day, it’s Lilly who has been able to get the job done and help keep this girls team at the very top. 


Thank you Lilly & Gus on your amazing representation of Trojan athletics! 

Carson Bourdo

8 months ago

Trojan Athlete of the Week for January 24, 2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athlete of the Week... Carson Bourdo from our Trojan Varsity Basketball Team!


Head Varsity Basketball Coach, Mr. Travis Schuba, shared this about Carson: 

Carson is a sophomore that has been playing like a senior. In 3 of our last 4 wins he has been the guy that has sealed it for us. Handling the ball and making good decisions while the other teams press and knocking down clutch free throws to put them away. Looking forward to continued growth now only this year but the next two years as he continues to help lead our team.


Congratulations Carson!

Trojan Athletes of the Week for January 17, 2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Charlie Douglass & Chris Usiondek who are both members of the Trojan Hockey Team!
Head Varsity Hockey Coach, Mr. Chris Givens, shared this about Charlie:
Over the Christmas break we played five games and went 4-1-0. During this stretch Charlie led our team in scoring with 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points. He’s been very consistent in his play this season and is helping to provide solid senior leadership to our team. He’s picked right up where he left off last season and we’re looking for him to finish his high school hockey career strong over the next couple of months. 


Coach Givens had these words to share about Chris:

Over the same stretch of games Chris scored 6 goals and contributed 2 assists for 8 points. A first year varsity player as a senior, Chris has been a welcomed addition to Trojan Hockey. He’s a talented hockey player, but his contributions to our team and our success run much deeper than goals and assists. He’s also been a great leader and his work ethic is contagious. We are looking for big things from him down the stretch. 

Congratulations Chris & Charlie on this special recognition from your coach!

Trojan Athletes of the Week for January 10, 2020

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Ellen Selby, Ondrea Ream and Gabby Haddix, all from our Trojan Bowling Team!


Head Coach, Ms. Sharon Vreeland, shared this about her athletes: 


TCC Varsity Bowling would like to recognize Senior Ellen Selby and Juniors Ondrea Ream and Gabby Haddix for outstanding performances in their January 4 meet against the Traverse City Christian Sabres White JV squad. Ellen and Ondrea are third-year team members, while Gabby just joined the team this season.


In high school bowling, we use a 30-point system to decide the winner of each match. The system is set up to reward both team and individual performance. A full competition squad is five bowlers. The scoring system penalizes teams without a full squad to the point that it is basically considered impossible to win a match when you are short-staffed. 


Since January 4 was at the tag-end of winter break and many of our bowlers were unavailable, these three ladies were the entire team for the day...a seemingly impossible situation. However, Ellen, Ondrea and Gabby rose to the challenge and won the meet 16-14! They lost all 10 of the Baker game points, but won all 16 of the 20 regular game points that they could by each beating the opposing team members they were matched up with head-to-head, and by a large enough margins that their three scores totalled more than the opposing five ladies’ scores in both regular games!


Ellen Selby bowled two solid games of 166 and 188. Ondrea Ream, who was a member of last year’s All-Conference Team and currently holds the second high ladies’ average in the conference (176) shot 184 and 169. On December 29 Ondrea also came in second in the annual Great Northwest Bowling Conference Holiday Singles Tournament. Gabby, who just started bowling in mid-November, added games of 109 and 141, showing rapid progress with her skills for so early in her career. 


Ellen and Ondrea have also stepped up as team leaders this year, mentoring and encouraging the newer girls and demonstrating good practice ethic. 


I couldn’t be prouder of these young ladies, and it’s a joy to coach them!


Wow! Congratulations Ellen, Ondrea & Gabby!

Trojan Athletes of the Week for November 1, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Annie Hunt & Olivia Fiebing from the Trojan Girls Volleyball Team & Drew Seabase from the Trojan Boys Cross Country Team!
Head Volleyball Coach, Ms. Jen Wright shared this about Annie:
Annie is our senior, varsity setter. She commands her offense with a level head, driving her team to big wins over teams like West and Cadillac. Simply put, Annie is a hard worker. She is an outstanding student in school and is a role model for the younger players on our team. We are excited for her continue with her steady leadership as we finish up our season. 
Coach Wright had these words to share about Olivia: 
Olivia is a four year varsity player, earning her position as a libero. She is a constant leader for our program but especially our defensive players. Her reaction to hard driven attacks or deflections off of blocks is impressive, but what is more impressive is her success with her academics. Olivia is in the top of her class, embodying the role of student-athlete, and I am proud to be her coach.  
Head Boys Cross Country Coach, Mr. Bryan Burns, shared this about Drew:
Drew is new to Central High School this year as he and his family moved here from Alpena this summer. I am nominating Drew because of the positive attitude, desire to achieve success, and leadership he has brought to the cross country program. He leads by his actions and enthusiasm. His influence on our team with his passion and positive attitude has led the cross country team to a very successful season.   
Thank you Drew, Olivia & Annie on your outstanding representation of Trojan Athletics!

Trojan Athletes of the Week for October 25, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Riley Greene from the Trojan Cheer Team & Sarah Russell from the Trojan Equestrian Team! 
Head Cheer Coach, Ms. Alisha Baker, shared this about Riley:
Riley is new to the Varsity Cheer team this year. She is the first to meet every team need, and always does so with a smile and an outpouring of positive energy. She’s a friend to her teammates and a truly fantastic presence on the sidelines!   
Head Equestrian Coach, Ms. Jeanna Michalek, had these words to share about Sarah:
Sarah went above and beyond this season never missing a meet, practicing countless hours all summer, and working hard to advocate for the team. She is a hard worker with wonderful family support making this season happen.  
Congratulations Sarah & Riley on this special recognition from your coaches!

Trojan Athletes of the Week for October 18, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Ben Post & Hayden Hansen, both members of our Trojan Boys Varsity Soccer Team! 


Head Varsity Soccer Coach, Mr. Mark Feigel, shared this about Ben:

Ben is a quiet, unassuming senior forward with a terrific attitude. He is always willing to do whatever is asked and always working hard. He is a class act and a consummate team player.  


Coach Feigel had these words about Hayden:

Nobody on the team works harder than Hayden, a sophomore striker. He has a great attitude, always trying to improve... and because of that has developed into one of the most vital players on the team.  


Congratulations Hayden and Ben on this special recognition from your coach! Good luck tomorrow against West!

11 months ago

Trojan Athlete of the Week for October 11, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athlete of the Week... Emlin Munch from the Girls Golf Team!


Head Golf Coach, Ms. Lois McManus, shared this about Emlin:

Captain Emlin Munch is a senior this year and is playing her 4th year as a Lady Trojan Varsity Golfer. She’s help led her team to all top ten finishes this season-16 tournaments to date, including a spectacular win at the Charlevoix Invitational where TCC beat TCW by one stroke. Emlin shot her personal best 73 at the Midland Invite in August. Adding to her season she shot 81 at our Regional this Tuesday to place her tied for second on the All Regional Team. Leading our team, the Lady Trojans again qualify to play in the Div. 2 State Finals at Forest Akers Course in East Lansing.     


Congratulations Emlin on your amazing season! 

Trojan Athletes of the Week for October 4 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Nick Sommerfield and Ryan O'Connor from our Boys Tennis Team!


Head Boys Tennis Coach, Mr. Shane Dilloway, had this to share about Nick:

Nick has been a varsity member of the tennis team for 4 years and has earned the role of co-captain this year. He brings his energy and athleticism to practice and matches alike while fighting hard for every point on the court. In his time with the program, Nick has developed into a thoughtful teammate and has worked to teach the traditions of Trojan Tennis to underclassman.  


Mr. Dilloway shared these words about Ryan: 

Ryan's growth as a tennis player from his freshman season to sophomore season has been impressive. He has gained confidence in his ability to control points and has been a key contributor to the team's success. Ryan is certainly a player to watch heading into the post-season this year and in years to come.  


Congratulations Ryan & Nick on your excellent representation of Trojan Athletics!

11 months ago

Trojan Athletes of the Week for September 27, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Anna Davidson from our Girls Cross Country Team and Luke Morrison from our Football Team!
Head Trojan Girls Cross Country Coach, Ms. Lisa Taylor, had this to share about Anna:
Anna is a four year member of the cross country team and is a captain this season. Anna’s strength is her leadership, and also her dedication. She has rarely missed a practice in four years on the team. She may not be the fastest on the team, but she has all the best personality traits of an amazing athlete, and she values her team above all.


Head Trojan Football Coach, Mr. Eric Schugars, shared these words about Luke: 

Luke is an outstanding leader for Trojan football. He was chosen as a captain of our team because he leads by example and always strives to do the right thing. He puts the team first and works hard to include other team members.    


Wow! Thank you Anna and Luke on your incredible exhibition of what it truly means to be a Trojan athlete! 

Claire Bongiorno

1 year ago

Trojan Athlete of the Week for September 20, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athlete of the Week... Claire Bongiorno from our Triton Swim Team!
Head Triton Swim Coach, Mr. Jason Moore, had this to share about Claire:

Claire is one our team captains for the Triton Swim Team. She is a great leader by setting the right example in and out of the pool. The swimmers look up to her and follow her example. She works hard everyday at practice and balances her time with her band commitment. Her hard work in the pool showed last week with four first places individual finishes out of four races and two best times.


Congratulations Claire on this special recognition from your coach!

Jordan and Zach

1 year ago

Trojan Athletes of the Week for September 13, 2019

Congratulations to this week's Trojan Athletes of the Week... Jordan Burnham from our Girls Volleyball team and Zach Gerber from our Boys Cross Country team! 


Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Ms. Jen Wright, had this to share about Jordan:

Jordan is a kid that leads by example on and off the court. She is always working hard and motivated to conquer whatever challenge is in front of her. She makes me strive to be the best coach for her and her team because she always gives her best effort. She is a great athlete and is very deserving of this award.  

Head Boys Cross Country Coach, Mr. Bryan Burns, shared this about Zach: 

Zach was our #1 runner at the Benzie Invite. Ran a big PB! He has been an exceptional leader this season. Zach has been a great role model to our younger and new members of our team. He is an outstanding student who truly understands the value of hard work, being a leader and role model, and doing the right thing all of the time.  

Congratulations Zach and Jordan on your amazing work as Trojan Athletes! 

Trojan Athletes of the Week June 2019

Congratulations to our final Trojan Athletes of the Week for the 2018/19 school year... Jack Bostwick, Austin Schultz, Zach Galan & Noah Strugala... all from our Trojan Boys Golf Team!


Coach Lois McManus shared this about her athletes:


Jack Bostwick shot 74 on a very difficult Tullymore Golf Course this past Monday. He’s a senior and captain of his team. Jack practices multiple hours over and above our team practice times moving him to #1 position on the team.


Austin Schultz is also a captain. This is his 4th season on the golf team. He was "most improved player" last season.


Sophomore Zach Galan is the most consistent scorer on the team this season. Because of his practice regimen, he has improved a lot proving that practice does makes you a better golfer-athlete.


Senior Noah Strugala joined the golf season last season. He’s worked very hard on his game. The results moved him to the Varsity team several times this season and earning his Varsity letter.  


Congratulations gentlemen on your commendable dedication to your game and to your team's success...

And congratulations to all of our Trojan Athletes of the Week this year!
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