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6 months ago

Trojan Alpine Ski 2020 Harbor Results

The 2020 Harbor – Petoskey Ski Invitational was held at Boyne Highlands on January 8th. Local teams competing included Traverse City West, Traverse City Trojans and Great North Alpine. Traverse City West’s Aiden Lewandowski won the men’s slalom event helping his Titan men’s team ski to a second place finish behind invitational winner Petoskey. The Great North Alpine men’s team finished third with the Trojan men finishing fifth. The women’s invitational was won by Harbor Springs with the Traverse City Trojans following in second place, Great North Alpine in fourth and the Traverse City Titans in sixth.  


Top 10 ~ Girls Slalom Results for TCC:

3rd Place:  Elizabeth Saunders (42.46, 44.03 = 1:26.49)

6th Place:  Maddy Cox (43.45, 45.49 = 1:28.94))

9th Place:  Lily Kuberski (45.80, 45.43 = 1: 31.23)

Top 10 ~ Girls  Giant Slalom Results for TCC:

5th Place: Elizabeth Saunders (35.54, 35.97 = 1:11.72)

8th Place:  Maddy Cox (36.05, 36.29 = 1:12.34)

10th Place:  Elle Craven (36.50, 36.52 = 1:13.02)

Top 10 ~ Boys Slalom Results for TCC:


Top 10 ~ Boys Giant Slalom Results for TCC:

9th Place:  Gus Dutmers (33.89, 34.58 = 1:08.47)


From Coach Kudary, "Lily Kuberski's performance today was on the biggest Trojan highlights.  To move up in the standings that much is a huge accomplishment and an incredible asset to the team standings."


Next meet will be on Monday, January 13th at Crystal Mountain!
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