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1 week ago

Trojan Bowling Results from February 18, 2021

Boys’ Varsity wins at Cadillac 22-8; season record stands at 4-0!

This was an important meet for us, as we need to win our matches with the other two teams in Division I and II in our conference, West and Cadillac, to win the Conference Championship. We are now halfway there with our win against Cadillac! Plus, of the three teams we are the only ones undefeated. The conference championship for Division I/II is decided first by the division win/loss percentage. If there’s a tie, the first tiebreaker is the overall win/loss percentage, and if needed the second tiebreaker is total pins bowled for the season. 


We split the Baker games, with Cadillac winning the two-baker series by 20 pins. Our second Baker game had a score of 176. Leading the regular games today was Brian Wilkerson with a great 444 series (211, 233) and winning both his points against the currently top-ranked boy in the conference. Paco Haas and Tyler Stoessel each added a 176 game. Everybody won their point in the first game, and our team scores for the individual games were 808, 815 for a 1623 series, about 150 pins for the series over Cadillac. Gentlemen, your coaches are very proud of you!


Girls Varsity wins vs. Cadillac 29 1/2 - 1/2

For some of you that’s a surprising score...if two girls tie in their head to head match they each earn half a point for the team, and that happened today. The really exciting news is that our shorthanded ladies’ team was able to win their first match, with both teams having only 3 ladies playing. 


Ondrea Ream lead the team with a 334 series (160, 174). Abby Hill had a fabulous day on the lanes with a 276 series (145, 131) and a new PR! Rowan Bura also raised her average today with an 84 and a 113, her first 100+ game in competition. Our rookies are coming along nicely, and our veteran is keeping her eyes on the post-season prize, and we’re very proud of you too!


Boys JV wins vs. Glen Lake JV 28-2, season record 4-0!

Our four boys were matched up against two Lakers in the Baker games and only one Laker in the regular games. Our gentlemen were very consistent today. Top games were contributed by Danek Szajner (155, 145), Brad Earnest (152), Alex Szajner (151), and Tyler McNalley (145). A true team effort, and our JV squad also remains undefeated!


Weekly Averages, and Week 5 Squad Assignments:



Ondrea Ream - 165

Abby Hill - 112

Rowan Bura - 80


Boys’ Varsity:

Brian Wilkerson  - 187

Tyler Stoessel - 171

Paco Haas - 168

JJ Hintsala - 149

Brad Earnest - 146


Boys JV: 

Tyler McNalley - 144

Carson Fryer - 143

Alex Szajner - 139

Danek Szajner - 131
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